“Dream with Ryvu” – a corporate movie by Ryvu Therapeutics

Kraków, Poland – December 21, 2020 – Just recently, we celebrated the first year of Ryvu Therapeutics as a separate company and brand.  We have been working very hard this year on shaping our identity, as well as the new corporate structure of the Company.

We believe it’s important that in the eyes of our business partners, shareholders, investors, and most importantly ourselves, we are a Company driven by a real mission – a mission to turn our passion for science into breakthrough discoveries that can help patients worldwide. We decided that it’s important to show who we at Ryvu are. We wanted to come back to our shared childhood memories when we decided to become scientists and the journey to our mission – helping oncology patients through drug discovery. We wanted to show that Ryvu is a place where passionate scientists aim to discover and develop breakthrough therapies to build a cancer-free future. And it all started with simple dreams of each of Ryvu employees.

Please enjoy the Ryvu movie and find out why we believe that at Ryvu dreams come true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoxN6L9NLuQ.