Selvita epigenetic project is the first Polish drug target program selected by EU Lead Factory

Kraków, Poland – June 06, 2016 – The European Lead Factory, a scientific consortium dedicated to supporting the discovery of innovative medicines, has selected the first drug target program from Poland, to perform high throughput screening. The selected drug target is a part of the oncology project developed by Selvita within its epigenetics platform.

The goal of this project is to discover new molecules within a specific genomic context that will enable more effective treatment of cancer, at the same time exhibiting fewer side effects than most of current oncology therapies do” – said
dr. Krzysztof Brzozka, Chief Scientific Officer at Selvita.

The European Lead Factory is an international consortium comprising 30 public and private partners and funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative which enables researchers at European academic bodies and SMEs to assess the potential of the 400,000 molecules available via its platform for innovative therapeutic targets. This is the first time the consortium has chosen to support a Polish research project since it was set up in 2013.